Thanks to Dr. Phil and the rest of the staff who worked with me in recent months. You corrected my sacrum and lumbar several times but it would not stay put. This problem was particularly an issue when I was biking and after about 25 miles I could feel the back spasms begin. Any rides over 30 got to be difficult and once I finished it would take time for my back to release. I was resigned to the back being a chronic problem on anything but short rides. You gave me some simple exercises, the buckeye and high step I think they are called. I did them off and on but a month ago decided I would do them every day for two weeks and see if that made any difference. After two weeks the back was doing better. After 3 weeks I went to Wisconsin to bike for 6 days. The first day I rode 62 miles – no back spasms. Day two, 60 miles – no spasms. I rode 6 days for a total of just under 300 hilly miles and my back stayed aligned…I couldn’t be happier! In the spectrum of serious problems you see every day, I know my complaints are minor but you’ve allowed me to continue to do the biking I love!

Molly F.

I wanted to say Thanks to Phil, team for the support and expertise in helping me achieve my goals. When I come in with a strain here or a pain there, I am treated with the same care and concern for my wellbeing as they treat clients with far more significant issues than mine. I was able to complete my second full Ironman distance Triathlon thanks to the therapy services and training support they provided. At 52, my body does not heal or recover like it did in my 20’s. They help me understand how to heal my injuries and what could be done to prevent them and others in the future. I will continue to strongly recommend you to others if the need for Physical Therapy services should present themselves.

Art G.

Happy to be a Client

Premier has taken such good care of my mom and now is helping me with back issues that have been going on for ages. I’m so happy to be a client here.

Claire O.

I have had chronic lower-back problems for 26 years, partly as a result of my career as a professional dancer. During those years, I have seen orthopedists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and physical therapists, without achieving any substantial relief from pain. I became a patient of Phil Cadman’s approximately four years ago, and have finally found the health care professional who has helped me regain a healthy, active life. Not only has he helped me to understand my back issues, he has taught me how to manage them. In December 2007, a van crashed into my car and I broke my neck and upper back in six places. Phil Cadman has been the one who created a treatment and healing plan for me, and he has guided me back to health. He is truly a top-notch professional. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to Phil Cadman and Premier Physical Therapy (formerly OPTA).

Connie D.

(After running the Boston Marathon 2014) Just 18 days before the race I injured my back/hip in a routine training run. If not for Phil and his diligent, measured approach to helping me get healthy enough to run, I would have have to miss out on what I had been training for for 18 months! As a results of his good work, I was not only able to run the race, but I was able to run with no pain in my hip/back. Needless to say, I cannot say enough good things about Phil and the staff at Premier Physical Therapy for working overtime to get me to the race in good shape.

Ken G.

I wanted to take a moment to thank the staff for providing such friendly, warm and helpful health services. I was in and out of the hospital and facing surgery as a possible end point earlier this year. In constant pain from my neck down to my right hand finger tips, I was miserable and non-functional. Surgery was not the endpoint I wanted! Now 8 months later, with ongoing regular myofascial release therapy, I’ve now steered clear of hospitals, I’m not a likely surgery candidate, I’m back to work full time, and the daily pain and range-of-motion issues I was having are substantially improved. Quality of life has mostly returned and I have every reason to believe I’ll enjoy a full return to optimal health with the therapeutic trajectory I’m on. My physical medicine doctor specifically referred me to Premier Physical Therapy knowing she was comfortable with the progressive options offered through your practice and recognized that Premier PT was not a cookie cutter exercise-prescribing practice, and I respect and value the hands-on novel and pioneering therapy offerings made available that other facilities do not have.​

Katrine A.

I’d been given diagnoses of both Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP) & Fibromyalgia 20 years ago. Through my online support group, I learned about Myofascial Release. I finally found Premier PT and Debbie Clarke to partner with me in a new healing journey in February, 2015. The dignity and respect offered to patients is tangible, so to all at Premier PT, you are noticed and appreciated! I’m very grateful to find new hope through doing the hard work of healing and having an exceptional physical therapist like Debbie to guide my journey.

Marianne C.

Life-Changing Services

I have felt the impact of Ehrlers-Danlos Syndrome my whole life. After being homebound for most of the last five years and stuck flat on my back for the last two years, I was mostly resigned to spending the rest of my life looking at the ceiling. Since my first visit with Phil, when he put my left S.I. joint back in place, I’ve been on an airplane again, driven to see my grandchildren in South Carolina, and—most fulfilling of all—I can often have dinner ready for my husband when he gets home from work. I’m so grateful.

Sari B.

I have had people comment on how better I move now – I had no idea how stiff and “frozen” or tight I was. I can move much more fluid than I have in a number of years. Fibromyalgia and chronic pain are always changing and the therapist has worked with me so that I can be more aware of my body’s “moods”. This knowledge helps me manage my symptoms better and overt serious flares. All of us who are or have been patients at Premier have experienced care beyond our expectations. You are not a patient, or a case number or the “2-oclock”. You are a person who has feelings, concerns, and goals to feel better, walk straighter and stand taller and leave knowing you have a therapist who cares that those needs are met. The compassion which you see and experience is truly genuine and its evident there folks have a vocation not just a job.

Gretchen K.

I have been coming to PPT to see Debbie Clarke for the last few weeks for Myofascial Release therapy and although I was very apprehensive due to my current health situation and pain levels, I have to say Debbie has been nothing short of amazing. She has a great bed-side manner. You can tell she truly wants the best for her patients and I am so very grateful that I found her. She has helped me so very much already! She proves that there is hope and healing for patients like me. Thank you!

Rae Ann T.

Aptly Named ‘Premier’

Premier Physical Therapy is aptly named. I have had therapy before, but nothing as good as this place. I was given individual, personal attention and my therapist was with me at all times. I feel fortunate to have found this place, where I feel reassured my goals and expectations will be met. Dr. Phil Cadman leads a wonderful team of doctors who continue to learn from him every day.

Ruth L.

The Best in the City

Premier is by far the best at what they do in the city. Since I have started attending Premier Physical Therapy, my health has been improving exponentially. They have great therapists who deeply care about their patients and great staff who are so professional and organized. I would recommend this place to the world

I sustained a spinal cord injury T11-T12 level at the age of 15. I used to race dirt biked and was training for nationals in Alabama when I overshot a jump by about 30 feet. When I came down, I knew instantly that something bad was wrong because I could no longer feel my legs. After 7 hours of surgery, the doctors told me I had a complete spinal cord injury and had a less than 1% chance of ever walking again. My life had changed in one minute! I knew at that point it would take all my faith and determination but I was going to walk again and beat the odds! My goal has always been to walk at my graduation. After I spend 7 weeks in the hospital doing inpatient physical therapy, I was released. I went to another physical therapy location for about four months and felt like they were not helping me learn to walk again. They were adapting me to live my life in a wheelchair. I was losing hope when a friend told me about Premier Physical Therapy Services (formerly OPTA). I was able to get in for an evaluation with Dr. Phil Cadman. He did more with me in that one hour of evaluation than I had received in the previous four months! He had me standing in the parallel bars which the other facility didn’t even get me out of my wheelchair. I had hope, again! I knew this was where I needed to be and am so grateful that I heard about Dr. Phil Cadman and Premier Physical Therapy. They are all wonderful therapists that truly care about their patients. They give you complete one on one time with them. I am now 18 and able to walk with a walker with the assistance of leg braces and my therapists. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t started treatment here. They encourage me each visit and I look forward to seeing what is in store for me in the future. I am already doing things the doctors said I would never do. It is still my hope and dream to walk across that graduation stage in some form. I feel with the help of my therapists, we will make this happen together! Thank you Premier Physical Therapy for changing my life and helping me meet my full positional in my healing process. You have given me “hope” again and I truly “believe” that I will walk again. I look forward to showing other what 1% looks like!

Zach V.

Our son, Dave, has been a patient at Premier Physical Therapy (formerly OPTA) for more than four years. Dave suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the spring of 2007. At the time Dave started at Premier Physical Therapy, he was a resident in a nursing home receiving a minimal amount of therapy. He could not walk, stand, or even spinal cord injury,sit upright on his own. Today, Dave is living at home with us. He is able to sit up unassisted. He can stand and walk with assistance, and his overall muscle tone and coordination are slowly returning. This is due in large measure to Dave’s desire and drive to get better. However, his overall progress would not have been possible without the expert care and guidance from the therapists at Premier Physical Therapy. The professionals at Premier PT are very proficient at dealing with people who have a variety of neuro-related afflictions. Whether they are brain injuries, strokes, CP, MS or spinal injuries, the people at Premier PT are well-equipped to maximize the recovery of their patients. We, as parents of a brain injured young man, are so grateful to have found the wonderful people and resources of Premier Physical Therapy. They have given Dave and ourselves a reason to hope for a better life for Dave. We can never thank the gang at Premier PT for everything they have done for Dave. They are energetic, caring and professional individuals who believe in what they are doing and work extremely hard to achieve everything that is possible for their patients. Without hesitation, we highly recommend the services of Premier Physical Therapy. They have given Dave a chance to regain a better way of life than what he was destined to have. You will not be disappointed to entrust your loved one to the professional services of Premier Physical Therapy.

Karla & Scott B.

Since I’ve started physical therapy at Premier Physical Therapy (formerly OPTA) my life has changed drastically. I’ve gained so many functional abilities that were at one time thought to be impossible. I have increased my muscle strength and endurance, my range of motion, increased coordination, and decreased pain. There are hundreds of benefits to physical therapy, but the most important is the long-term muscle and nerve re-education. Physical therapy at Premier Physical Therapy is not just a long-term solution, but also a lasting cure for those who suffer from physical problems. Finally, there’s one thing I never expected to gain from physical therapy at Premier PT and that’s family. The people at Premier PT not only help you recover, they care; and that’s not something you find everywhere. They have become my friends and my family and I am grateful for that.

Kathryn C.



Lifetime Pain Relief

After three sessions of needling, the longtime pain in my hip was gone and I felt relief, even after 18 successful holes of golf at Blue Ash.

Steve L.

Pain-Free Living

I have received so much benefit from therapy and the needling. My pain has almost completely gone away.

I’ve just finished a remarkable six months working with Dr. Rachel Cameron. Since I’ve had numerous challenges with my knees and some injuries in the past few years, I’ve had ample opportunity to work closely with a number of physical therapists. And I must say Rachel is one of the best, actually the best, most knowledgeable, patient-attuned and caring therapist with whom I’ve worked…Thank you Rachel and to all of you.


Very Caring Staff

Debbie Clarke is a phenomenal physical therapist! She listens and is very caring. I had tried PT in the past but never gotten results like I have with her.