• Your first visit:

    Please arrive 20 minutes early and bring insurance card(s) and drivers license. Your first appointment will last approximately one hour. In that time, a physical therapist will examine you to determine an individualized plan to assist you in achieving your goals.

    You will begin treatment during your very first session. In addition, you will receive a home exercise program to assist in your recovery as well as education about your injury/condition and a prognosis for your outcome as a result of therapy.

  • Is Physical Therapy covered by insurance?

    Most insurance policies cover physical therapy services when provided by a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant. We will verify your insurance benefits as a courtesy to you. We rely on your insurance company to give us proper information, but we cannot guarantee accuracy. If you feel there is a discrepancy in your benefits or coverage, please bring it to our attention or contact your insurance company.

    If your insurance requires preauthorization and/or a referral for physical therapy, it is your responsibility to ensure that the referring physician or your primary care physician has obtained the necessary preauthorization.

    We require that copayment, deductibles, and supplies charges are collected at the time of service and that the patient remits payment for any balance due to continue services. If you have any questions regarding this process, please speak to our billing specialist.

  • What to wear:

    You should wear comfortable clothes that are not restrictive to movement and closed-toe shoes like sneakers. We can provide you with a patient gown to expose appropriate body parts; however, you may want to wear something that allows us to view that part without having to change. For ease of treatment with a shoulder injury, please wear a shirt that buttons in front or allows access to the involved area.

  • How long will I be there?

    Each visit will usually last around one (1) hour. This may vary depending on your schedule treatment of care.

  • What is direct access to physical therapy?

    Ohio is a Direct Access state for physical therapy, which means you do not need to wait weeks to see your physician or specialist to begin physical therapy. This gives you the flexibility to be seen and treated by experts of neuro-musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. Under Ohio law, our physical therapists and specialists can evaluate and treat patients without a physician’s order, unless you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, which DO require a prescription or physician referral prior receiving physical therapy services.

  • Do you still have questions?

    Please contact us at 513-733-3370, send us an email at or contact us by clicking here.


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