• Becoming A Clinical Instrutor

    Rachel Wagner, PT, DPT February 26, 2016

    This is a concept that I, as licensed physical therapist and a credentialed clinical instructor, have embraced and welcomed into my professional career. As a graduate from the University of Cincinnati in 2013, I have considered myself a novice in my career as a practicing clinician. So needless to say, when I was asked to be a clinical instructor and to take on physical therapy students in the clinic, I of course had some worries and concerns.

  • New Years Resolutions

    January 25, 2016

    As we reflect on the past year it is important to see our accomplishments, our failures, and our experiences and learn from them.  Allow them to move us to work a little harder or a little smarter; work a little more in some areas and a little less in others; help us to prioritize what is important to us and use goals to accomplish what we would like to achieve in 2016.

  • Rehabilitation of the neurologically involved patient has been a challenge for physical therapists and the rest of the medical community for decades. We struggle with history and misconceptions regarding recovery and the ability for the injured person to regain lost function, asking questions such as, “What is the best solution?”

  • Fibromyalgia – What It Really Means

    Pete Dorsa, MSPT October 19, 2015

    This article is taken from a conversation I have had with a lot of my patients were we look at their diagnosis and break it down. Fibromyalgia is a good example in that it tells us nothing about the cause. True it is based on having certain characteristics and trigger points, but that’s not the whole picture.