Month: March 2019

  • Athletic Trainers

    March 18, 2019

    Premier has long been known for high quality Physical Therapists, and individualized care. What may not be as well known, is that we have a fantastic and qualified staff of Athletic Trainers. As this month is Athletic Training month, Katie, our AT working out of our Blue Ash office, wrote the summary below that explains the knowledge, training, and capabilities held by AT’s!

    Athletic trainers (ATs), commonly confused with personal trainers, are health care professionals who collaborate with other health care professionals to provide emergency care, therapeutic interventions/rehabilitation, preventative services for injuries and other medical conditions.

    Educational background for ATs is similar to physical and occupational therapists. In order to become a certified athletic trainer (ATC), we are required to graduate from an accredited program, pass a national certification exam, and a state licensure exam. ATs are commonly found providing athletic event coverage at the high school, college, or professional level. However, we can also be found working in outpatient rehab, military, occupational/industrial settings, physicians’ offices, and in the performing arts field. Our training includes how to tape and brace, as well as how to create preventative injury programs to reduce injury risk. If an injury does occur, an athletic trainer is able to do an injury evaluation to help determine what the next steps will be. We are also trained to decide whether it is something we can begin to treat right away or if it needs to be referred on to a physician. From there, the ATC is able to come up with a plan including the therapeutic interventions and individualized exercises that will help return the injured person to sport/work. In short, yes, we have fanny packs. No, we don’t help you get in shape just by lifting weights ?

    So now that you know, a bit more about what they can do, here are a few programs offered exclusively by our AT’s!