Month: September 2014

  • Bob Burtis had issues with his left foot beginning a year ago, related to an injury from a foot fracture that did not heal properly.  Due to various health problems, his foot was unable to be saved, and he had an amputation Feb 12th 2014.  After receiving his prosthesis 6 weeks after the foot amputation he has made steady recovery since.  He first began walking with a walker and quickly transitioned to use of a cane during rehabilitation.  He then progressed to walking without canes or crutches of any kind, including walking on grass and on uneven terrain.
    His proudest moment was being able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding (including steps with no railing up to the altar!) only 14 weeks after his amputation.  This summer he reached his goal of returning to coach the offensive and defensive lines for Middletown High School’s football team.

    After completing the Liver Life Walk 1 mile fundraiser a few months ago, he is now challenging himself to walk the Step Out for Diabetes Walk at Sawyer Point Nov 1 which is co-sponsored by the Amputee Coalition of America.  Premier Physical Therapy is proud to support him in this event and in his continued recovery as he tries to help raise awareness and funding for medical research.

    To see how you can help Bob, click here!