Month: July 2012

  • Recently I had the opportunity to travel to La Junta,Colorado to treat a woman with multiple sclerosis. Through a collegue of mine, it was brought to my attention that the services that she was currently receiving were not as effective in treating her condition. We made arrangements for me to fly from Cincinnati, OH to Denver, CO and drive to La Junta. I arrived on Sunday, July 15, 2012 and examined her. After developing a plan and treating her for a week we were able to positively change some of her exercises, adapt bed mobility and transfers, and perform standing and walking. She was initially falling into several compensatory strategies and driving her extensor synergy pattern in her LE’s during all movement and exercises. After a few sessions and consistent patient education she was able to see the difference in volitional movement versus triggering abnormal synergistic movements and began to see successful movements of all extremities. The final day we were able to stand with very little assistance and walk 3 times in the parallel bars. Up until that point she had not ambulated for 2 years! It was thrilling to see her progress and see the excitement and hope renewed in her.
    It got me thinking that there must be more people with this predicament. Living in a location where the physical therapy is not able to meet their needs because of the diversity of the patient population and the lack of experience in treating neurological injuries and diseases. It is not the fault of the therapist or the patient, but the problem exists. What is the solution? I believe that it would require something of a consierge physical therapy practice, or more likely a destination practice where people would travel a manageable distance and live in the facility while receiving physical therapy.
    So the development begins………and I’m looking for input and any financial advice or support.