Premier Physical Therapy improves quality of life for people with a wide variety of conditions, including orthopedic and neurological injuries. Our physical therapy services include individualized exercise-based recovery programs, education, support, and encouragement. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable physical therapists provide efficient treatment to encourage healthy recovery, less pain, and better movement.

Ohio is a direct-access state, which means under most insurance plans*, you do not need a physician’s referral or prescription to receive physical therapy services. If a physician gives you a prescription, you can choose where you would like to receive your therapy.

_*Medicare and Medicaid insurance do require a physician referral for services. _


Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Your health and wellbeing is our primary concern, and it is our mission to be the best provider of physical therapy services in the Greater Cincinnati region. Every day, our goal is to help you reach your potential through individualized rehabilitation services and exceptional physical therapy programs.

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Why Choose Premier?

Premier Physical Therapy treats neurological conditions as well as orthopedic conditions. Our team is constantly improving and incorporating innovative treatments and next-level technology to enhance our physical therapy services. Our hands-on, personal approach separates us from other providers in the Cincinnati area, and we are proud of our 99% satisfaction rate across our three locations in Blue Ash, Evendale, and West Chester.

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Meet Our Team

The Premier Physical Therapy team includes licensed providers of physical therapy. We are proud to offer a team of doctors who work closely with our patients to develop a deep understanding of the services that will work best for you. Our administrative and support staff know all of our patients by name, and we look forward to meeting you!

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